Sunday, November 11, 2012

This story gave me the best orgasm ever

It's been a long time since my last post. I never wrote new story anymore. But I just got this message from a guy, to my email, and I don't know if he was telling a true story or not, but his story really turned me on. So here's his e-mail:


I had this very funny experience. I was in my friend, Rob's apartment and his girlfriend Alexis was also having a friend staying for dinner. Alexis was hot, brunette with big boobs and perfect skin. But her friend Lori was really ugly. She's skinny, with no breast, pale skin, and messy hair. She's a tomboy and feminist. That kinda girl always annoys the shit outta me.
Rob and Lori never get along well together. They hate each other. Rob always thinks that lesbo have feelings for his girl.
After the dinner this feminist bitch threw her favorite topic, feminism, to our conversation. At some point Rob got very pissed and said, "We are simply hundred times stronger than you girls, deal with it. If we punch a chick in the stomach, she'll immediately shit herself."
I saw Alexis gave her boyfriend "Come on! Don't provoke her!" look. She looked so scared of Lori's reaction.
Lori was really mad. "No you can't! No way man! Fuck you!"
"Guys, come on!" Alexis tried to shut the situation down.
But both Rob and Lori couldn't hear her anymore.
Rob then challenge Lori, "You want me to prove it?"
"What? Are you gonna punch a girl huh?" Lori challenge him back.
"Are you afraid?" Rob smirked.
Lori didn't wanna admit that she was afraid, but I know she was. Rob walked to her and Lori kept stepping back.
"Damn right you're afraid! Fuck you all feminist!" said Rob.
It provoked Lori to push his shoulder. And when she did, Rob punched her hard in her stomach. THWACK!!!
Lori was suddenly sent to the ground, gasping, moaning, and clutching her belly in agony.
"Yea! You like that bitch!?" asked Rob.
Fuck! My dick got hard so suddenly.
"Fuck you, Rob!" yelled Alexis. She jumped out of her chair and tried to help Lori out. "Matt, why don't you do something!?" Alexis protested me. But I couldn't do anything. If I left my chair they'd see my dick pushing out my pants.
And Rob just proved his words. We could smell shits from Lori's pants. Dude! That bitch really shits herself!

PS. I changed the names.

Lesson learned: Girls, if a guy said he could make you shit yourself, don't make him prove it. Seriously!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Belly Destroyed

Belly Punch White Stripes

Killed my baby

The hard punch killed my baby
No baby in my belly again
The hard punch killed my baby
Can't be nobody's mom again

Three punches made me want to puke
a lots of punches goes down the pit
filthy, brutal, torture comin'
and my poor, bare belly is swollen
Everything inside is shatter
The hard punch killed my baby...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Belly Punch Game

One day, I was watching a quiz on TV with my friend Tiffany and her boyfriend Eric. For me, Eric is like a cartoon. He is so big and looks so strong, but I don't think he has brain. The quiz on the TV was something like hangman game, you know? There will be some empty spaces those we should fill with letters until we found the word or the answer. It can be country or city, celebrity name, book title, band, and anything. Usually they give us the category.

While watching the show, we kept trying to guess the answers. I was the smartest and I kept answering all the questions correctly, while Eric kept guessing the wrong letters. It made me laugh at him. I kept laughing at him. I didn't know that it would hurt his feeling.

So suddenly Eric stood up asked me, "So you think you're so smart, huh?"

I said "What? I was just kidding, Dude! Relax!"

But he couldn't take it. "Okay, now let's play this game with me. I'll make my own hangman quiz, and you'll guess the letters. Every time you say the wrong letter, I will punch your belly!" he challenge me.

"What the hell, Man? Come on!" I glanced at Tiffany and ask her to help me but she was on her boyfriend's side.

"Eric's right, Bitch! If you think you were so smart, go ahead and accept his challenge! You're not afraid, are you?" said Tiffany. It turned out that she was upset too.

So I finally accept his challenge. "Okay. Whatever makes you guys happy."

I didn't care. I thought, they're so stupid so I would answer all the challenges correctly anyway.

So the belly punch game begun. Tiffany stood behind me and hold my arms. Eric started to give me the first word. He drew some short lines on a blank paper. The first five short lines, space, the next five short lines.

_ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _

"Okay. Now you guess," said Eric.

"What? How? You're not gonna give me the clue first?" I complained him.

"No! Just guess!"

"Well, fine!" I said. And, as always, I started with the letter 'A'.

"A?" Eric showed his smirky smile and... WHAMM!! A hard punch right to my belly button.

"Ooofff...!" I moaned in pain. I fell down the floor and hold my hurting belly.

"Come on! Still thinking that you are so smart, little bitch?" yelled Eric. "Guess another letter!"

I couldn't think of anything. At that moment, I couldn't think, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't even feel anything but horrible pain in my belly. My belly's churning. I puked a little on the carpet.

"Oh great! Now you puke on my carpet! You're gonna have to clean that disgusting thing, bitch!" Tiffany yelled at me.

She forced me to stand up again. She hold me from behind, and Eric told me to pick another letter.

I couldn't think of anything, I was also too afraid to pick any letter, I didn't want my belly to be punched again. It was already hurting enough. I had already puked.

But Eric threatened to punch my belly if I didn't pick any letter soon. So finally I said 'E'.
I felt so relieved to know that the letter is there. But still, I have no idea what would it be. I didn't even get the first clue! It could be anything.

_ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ E _

The next letter I pick was 'I', and the answer also had that letter. Still, not helping very much.

_ _ _ _ _ / _ I _ E _

I was extremely nervous. My belly was still hurting from the first punch. I tried to figure out something in my mind. But it was so hard for me to focus because first, I'm too afraid of making mistake, because it means my belly would be punched again, and the second, my belly still hurts so bad.

I thought 'Come on! What other letter would be there? O? U? Well, I'll go with 'O'.

I said, 'O'

I was so afraid of getting punched again. But the 'O' was there. Phew!

_ O _ _ _ / _ I _ E _

I thought 'Okay. It must be a name. It must be some famous name. Who's name? Come on! Think! What kinda first name has the vowel 'O' as the second of five letters? Tommy! Yeah! It must be Tommy!'

So my next guess was 'Y'. And yeah! It was there!

_ O _ _ Y / _ I _ E _

'Now I'm pretty sure it must be a name!'

With my confidence, I said "M!"

I was pretty sure that Eric would write down the letter, but he gave me another hard blow. WHAMM!!!

Oooooohhh....!!! It was a hard jab right to the center of my belly. It made me puke again. I even pissed my pants. I couldn't control it. I saw stars around me. I was about to pass out. I curled up in agony, holding my hurting belly and coughed. My butt was up, my face was on the floor. I thought, 'Fuck! It wasn't Tommy then!'

What else? I couldn't think any other possibility at that moment. Plus, my belly was hurting as hell.

"Come on, Bitch! Guess another letter!" Eric yelled at me.

I thought, how would I know that he was not just messing around with me? What if the answer doesn't even exist? I'm so dead! Oh, my poor belly!

"Come on! Do you enjoy this? Do you want me to give you another punch!? Huh, Bitch!?"

"Okay, okay!"

Tiffany didn't make me stand up again. That time Eric hold my body himself. He pushed my back to the wall. "Come on! Answer!"

I was so afraid and I just picked any letter came across my mind. "L!"

"L!?" Eric laughed so loud then threw his huge fist hard in my belly. WHAMM!!

"Aaaarrrhhhh...!" I grunt so hard. I was in a lot of pain I couldn't even feel my leg anymore. I was out of breathe. I was gasping. My stomach was gurgling inside.

"Look..." I tried to speak with my weak voice. "I get it! I was such a bitch. I'm sorry, okay?"

"Shut the fuck up, little bitch! Just give me other letter!"

I cried of pain and desperation. "Please..., forgive me..., I won't laugh at you ever again!"

"I don't care! Go on! What's your next letter! I'll count to three. One..."

"Okay! Okay!"


"S! S!"

Eric looked so happy with my answer. I knew what that means: another brutal belly punch!


Ooooohhhh!!! It was brutal! I puked everything out of my stomach. I puked all over the floor.

I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't take another punch.
I was screaming inside, 'Damn it! What the hell is the answer!'

'Bonny! It must be Bonny!'


WHAM! Another brutal punch. I passed out for a while. Eric woke me up with cold water. I got my consciousness back and the first thing I did was moaning and groaning in pain.

But I knew Eric wouldn't give me so much time, so I had to think quick. 'Come on! What would it be? It's not Bonny? So what is it? Tonny!'


WHAM!! Another hard blow to my belly. Air was pumped out of my chest. I puked some gastric juice.

'Damn! It's not Tonny either. So what is it? Isn't it even something with 'N'? Well, I have to make sure.


WHAMM!!! Eric's punch really squashed my bowels. I could feel shit in my panties.


Oh..., 'R' was there! Good!

RO _ _ Y / _ I _ ER

'Ro... y?' All I could think was 'Ronny', but my bowels had already been squashed for answering 'N' so it couldn't be 'Ronny'. What else!? Then I thought it might be 'Rocky'. But when I mentioned the letter 'C', I only got another hard blow. WHAMM!! Another shit came out. Ugh! He was really messing my digestive system!

Come on! What other letter? H? Well, 'H' is common.


Another brutal punch. WHAPP!!!

'What!? Not even an 'H'? What the hell is the answer!'

It was frustrating. I didn't have any idea at all! I started counting. I've guessed E, I, O, Y, and R. And I've been punched for A, M, L, S, B, T, N, C, and H. Wow! I had guess more than a half of the alphabets! Fuck! There were only four empty spaces left, some of them might be the same letter, and I still have to pick any letters between the other 12 letters! Shit! There were still 12 letters to go! If the four spaces left were for the same letter, I might have to be punched 11 times before finding the right answer!

Then I thought, 'Wait! Eric must have made the most difficult word to guess. Maybe it was his pet's name or something I wouldn't have guess. Or maybe, it has the uncommon letters like 'X' and 'Z'!

So I said, "X?"

Eric was more than happy to hear that. "X? Wow! You really enjoy this, don't you?" WHAMM!!!

My next guesses were 'Z' and 'Q'. I got two punches in my belly for both answer.

I said to my self to think hard.

RO _ _ Y / _ I _ ER

A, M, L, S, B, T, N, C, H, X, Z, Q were eliminated.

Come on! What's next? I still had D, F, G, J, K, P, U, V, W. But maybe I should eliminate 'U' because it couldn't be there, right?


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thing about Stomachache

Stomachache, or pain in the belly, is something I really want when I don’t have it, and I always wish I don’t have when I do.
It’s something that I don’t enjoy it when I have, but I will enjoy how I can’t enjoy it.

When I fight with my friend (and it was a boy) in highschool, he was so angry and punched my belly so hard in front of the class. I was embarrassed. It was such a humiliation. My stomach was surely hurting and churning. I can’t even breathe. If no one was there, I would have been curling up on the floor and moaning in pain. But, because everybody was starring at me, all I can do is just walk back to my seat and pretend that nothing happen. It was humiliating.

But when it’s all over, I enjoy the memory of it. I enjoy remembering how bad my stomach hurt at that moment. I enjoy remembering how I hate that pain. I really enjoy remembering how I felt humiliated back then. It was such a sweet memory.

The other case, everytime my gastrointestinal disease comes, I always feel so suffer because my stomach will be churning in a long, long time like someone just punched it. I will feel nausea and weak. And I always hate that illness when it comes. But, when I get healthy, I always miss that illness, and even imagine that someone punched my stomach when my gastro problem comes.

But the one I’ve always enjoyed is diarrhea. I always enjoy the hurting feeling in my bowels when it’s irritated or something so I got diarrhea. I really like the pain. It feels so great. And I always wish someone would punch me in the belly when I had diarrhea.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Liquid Diarrhea

I was supposed to meet some people today. But because of this diarrhea, I can't go anywhere.

I think the hard punch I got yesterday crushed my bowels or something.

So, yesterday, when I went to hang out with some friends, I got into a fight with a man. It was just a small arguing. What we fought about is not really important. But then the man got really pissed and punch my belly so hard.


Suddenly I felt nauseous, dizzy, and weak. I bent over and hold my belly in pain. My belly's churning. I felt like my bowels contents are gurgling with such a noise, then I felt like farting. But when I farted, shit comes out to my panties: very liquid shit. That moment I knew the man had totally squashed my bowels.

I tried so hard to hold the shit but I can't. It's too liquid, and it keeps coming out.

Don't ask me how did I get home. It was such a horrible, horrible nightmare.

This morning I woke up with a horrible bellyache. I jumped off of my bed and ran to the toilet, but it was too late. I already shit all over my bed sheet, my pants, my panties, the floor. It was so disgusting.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Belly Punched Effect

This is my first posting after a while.

So you know how bad I want to be punched in my belly. I have this story, you can think of this as a true story or just my imagination. My imagination is very fertile. And just for your information, my stomach is always churning for real even if i only watch or read or imagine about belly punching. So, it's always good.

So, one day I finally met my belly puncher.

We knew each other from the internet and made appointment to meet at a motel.

At the motel, we were very excited to finally do belly punching scene for real.

And finally he punched my belly so... hard!! WHAM!!

"Arrrrrhhhhh...!!" I screamed so loud. I fell down the floor and clutch my belly in pain. I'm gasping. The feeling of real belly punch is so much different from what I've ever imagined. Uhhmmm. I curled up in agony and keep holding my hurting belly. I never know that my belly is so weak. I thought I would still standing at least until 3 or 4 punches. But it happens that he knocked me out in one hard punch in my poor, poor belly.

I felt so much pain. I want to stop and just enjoy the pain for a while. But he wasn't satisfy yet. He told me to stand. "Come on! We don't have so much time here! I gotta go back to my home town in 2 hours."

With my weak voice, I said, "Uuuh..., can we just... uuuhh... stop?"

"What!?" he shout. "No way! It was just one punch you slut!"

I hate it when he called me slut. "Wow! Watch your mouth!" I said.

"Oh yeah!? What you're gonna do? Slap me? You can't even stand on your feet!"

"I know... uuuhhh..." I hold my stomach in pain. "I'm done, okay. I'm not feeling really good. I think I'm gonna puke."

"Oh come on! Don't be a baby!"

I forced my self to stand up and walk to the toilet, but when I finally stood, he delivered an extremely hard blow to my lower belly. WHAAAPPP!!!


I fell back down to the floor. Ooohh... think he just squashed my bowels. Now how should I stand up? I can't even feel my leg!

I puked some of my lunch on the carpet while he smiled and enjoyed what he's done to my weak belly.

I curled up on the floor, my legs were kicking as I tried to reduce the pain--but it was totally useless. I was moaning and groaning in pain.

Then he kicked my belly so hard. WHAAMMPP!!

"Ooooooohhhh!" I howled like a female werewolf trapped.

I felt like my digestive system has been squashed. Well, I think it is squashed. Not only my lunch out of my stomach, then my breakfast and dinner also out of my bowels. I could feel that I shit in my pants when he kicked my belly.

He kicked my belly over and over again until I puked everything out and shit till my bowels totally empty. I passed out.

When I woke up, he was already gone. It was already morning the next day. My clothes were very dirty, full with vomit and shit. I think he didn't fuck me because my clothes are still where they were. Maybe he felt disgusted of my shit and vomit, or maybe he just wanna crush my belly, that's all.

Whatever the reason, I'm glad he didn't fuck me.

But you know, even if he did, I don't think it could make me get pregnant. Because I think my internal organ has been squashed by his punches and kicks.

I tried so hard to get up and leave the motel before the room service come. I took a shower and change my clothes before. Yeah, I've prepare that far so I brought other clothes in my bag. I couldn't really stand because my belly was hurting so bad. So I bent over while walking from the room to the elevator, from the elevator to the lobby, and from the lobby to the taxi. Everyone was starring at me with curiosity of what the hell was happened to me.

I went home and took a bed rest for a month. Some of my internal organs really need time to get heal. And don't even ask about my digestive system because it was surely messed up. I couldn't eat properly for a long time.

At that time, I thought, "Oh! This is crap! I don't want any belly punch anymore!" But now that I've healed, I kinda miss the pain anyway.